Adidas UltraBoost Mid X Fieg Look

Today I am thankful to Adidas and Mr. Fieg, pronounced F-EYE-G, because of this amazing Kithmas collaboration. Up until today the UltraBoost has only been known as a low top, high performance sneaker. Introducing the Fieg X Adidas Mid UltraBoost.


Let’s talk about the collaboration because Mr. Fieg and Kith have been on fire all year. The pattern is gorgeous. Perhaps if my laziness would have carried me outside for some daylight pictures, you would have seen the sun sparkle off of the reds, yellows and greens in the knits. Truth is, wasn’t any sun out today and my construction schedule jacked me. Anyway the upper is more than Prime Knit, it’s heavier. Look at it as an ATR Knit, heavy duty for the colder days ahead.


I’m digging how the Adidas Logo and the weather guard kind of merge into each other to make a super logo. The translucent black guard and logo really fit the darker, bolder knit. The white out of the ultra boost is one thing I would change but its not in anyway a deal breaker. I personally need little to no white on a sneaker because I am a rough walker – I don’t know what that means but I know my sneakers get F-ed up all the time, especially if they are white.


Overall the sneaker is another hit for Kith and Ronnie Fieg. Right now it is completely sold out but hopefully you can snag you an overseas pair coming up this weekend. If staying up all weekend in hopes to cop is out of your plans you can always check my likes on Twitter or eBay. Right now pairs are slowly beginning to come down in price (Between $450-600) but will surely rise again after the European release. Let me know if you grabbed a pair down below!





Author: Daily Internet Deals // DeadLaced

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