DeadLaced LTD Drops on February 4th

DeadLacedLTD Drops February 4th

February 2, 2017


Scotty Ward


After months of preparation I will finally release the new with both free subscriptions and paid subscriptions. It is my pleasure to have been in the sneaker game for almost four years and to be able to present you with all that I feel is necessary in sneaker buying, selling, and just having a damn good time.

 Below you will find out the benefits of both the free and the Paid version. Hope you guys enjoy! (Free)

 The most important thing here is to subscribe. You can subscribe now at or  once the site goes live. You will find subscription buttons at the bottom of each page. After you subscribe you can head to the DeadLaced Arcade page under menu and sign up. 

 Signing up allows for access to:

Live Group Chats (with 8 ball)

DeadLaced Arcade – with over 55 NES, Sega, DOS classics, and PC games

Members page 

The sneaker Talk Forum 


Signing up will be excellent but it is not the end all be all. You can still access:

The editorial for restock links, news, and my opinions 🙂

The social bar for release dates, Pictures and recent @deadlaced For sale posts

The Shop


DeadLaced LTD Membership benefits (Paid)

15% off ATCs (Add to Cart) – Luckily I have partnered with a couple of Known- Successful ATC companies to bring you an exclusive discount to your LTD membership. The discount will last as long as you’re a member.

Savings on Proxies – Along with Add to cart companies, I have partnered with a end proxy, and proxy cue to Give you 15% off your Proxy orders. I have also partnered with Blazing SEO to give you 10% off proxies and servers. Proxies help mask your identity when purchasing sneakers.




 10% off Bots – I have also partnered with Another Nike Bot and Nike Bandit IOS (coming Soon) to give you a discount on bots for your sneaker services, as well as any future upgrades or programs from them you may need to purchase.




Server Coupons and 10% off VPN– VULTR is used as a sneaker server or VPN in the world with plenty of sneaker buying options. I will have members only coupons and promotions from VULTR available upon membership purchase. Blazing SEO is also giving members 10% off VPNs.





Savings on RopeLaceSupply – 15% off all RLS orders



Middleman Service – Members may use me as a middleman upon request for sneaker purchases and sneaker trades. Trades and purchases will come with authentication and will be free. Just pay shipping costs. A form will be on the website and accessed by LTD members only.

@DEADLACEDLTD – Member’s will receive access to the deadlaced LTD members only twitter. Turn on notifications to receive restock links as soon as they happen, stay in the know about upcoming members only giveaways, connect with other members and scheduling. Shopify monitor is also in the works.

Grouped Giveaways – As a member you will automatically be entered into monthly giveaways consisting of Sneakers, Bots, servers, Gift cards, and more. Members will be randomly grouped with other members based on the amount of members. Giveaways increase with the amount of members.

No group will ever contain more than 50 members. This will increase your chances of winning a highly sought after sneaker month after month.

Business Consultation – Members will be able to schedule one on one consultation via email, Direct messaging, or live chat. Consultation will be no longer than one half hour. All Topics welcomed. 

All for only 29.95 / month. 



Hope to see all of you join LTD on the 4th! I will try to bring to you the most exclusive sneakers month in and month out for the giveaways. February I will be giving away a pair of yeezy V2, NMD OG PK, and a couple of Gift Cards. At the moment I am lining up yeezys and hopefully OVO 12s for the March Giveaways! (subject to change)


The most important part about LTD is to know that I am always working on more partnerships and with more partnerships comes more benefits for members. The more members the more giveaways, and the more you share the more we all succeed. 


See You on the 4th!


Author: Daily Internet Deals // DeadLaced

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