Nike “Be True” Collection Inspires you to Be Yourself

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We can spend our lives becoming something or becoming nothing at all. We can become something we hate, others hate, others love, or we love. We can be the best person we can be, but aspire to be like something or even someone else. None of the previous three sentences are relevant if we cannot be true to ourselves, our beliefs, and most importantly – be confident with ourselves and content with our lives.

There is a steady conversation that happens between my wife and I. It is about achieving, it is about aspiring to be better, both inside and out, and it is about being kind. Most of all we talk about the world and how astonishing hate can be. We see the world becoming overrun with hate. A hate that infiltrates your body and takes over your everyday being. A hate towards others for simple differences, preferences, skin color, or religious beliefs. A hate that can be non-existent if we begin to work on ourselves and become content within our own skin.

I love the Be true collection by Nike because it has a simple message for those looking to become more confident within themselves – BE True. Be true to yourself, knowing who you are and what you aspire to be. Know that you can only focus on your being, your goals, and your dreams. Know that – you matter to YOU – and that you aspire to make the world a better place, because YOU are what the world needs. Also, and speaking honestly, know that you cannot change a superficial hater, insecure with something in their life, so they project hate and negativity wherever they go. Kill them with kindness.

I walk around positively confident because I see the effects of hate, negativity, and judgement. I worked on being myself for over ten years and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Hate will exist regardless, but it doesn’t effect me anymore. It is because I found myself, who I am, and what I aspire to be. I chose to live positively, kindly and above the hatred. I chose to be true to myself.



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